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When should I arrive?

Each session booked includes a 15 min safety briefing from one of our trained staff, followed by 2 hrs on the water. It is therefore very important that you arrive on time, so the safety briefing can be given in full; and you have time to change in to the safety gear we will provide. If you arrive early we will do our best to accommodate you – however if you arrive late we may be unable to extend the period of hire past the original booking period, especially at busy times. Please be aware that parking in Lymington can be tricky during peak holiday times and so you should give yourselves plenty of time prior to your session starting to allow for this

(approx. 30 mins).

What do i need to bring?

Please be aware that as a £100 deposit is required for each Kayak you hire, you will need to provide a credit card as well as some form of valid photo ID (e.g. driving licence). In addition for insurance purposes, there must be someone over the age of 18 in every group. All necessary equipment is included in the hire price and the safety briefing will explain how each item is used correctly. Wetsuits & Aquashoes are available to purchase in Yachtmail Chandlery. Every participant will be required to wear their buoyancy aid at all times they are on the water.The waterproof bag is provided so that car keys and mobile phones will be able to be taken with you. However, please be aware that if the improper use of this bag results in damage to these items Kayak Hire Lymington will not be able to reimburse you.

You will be provided with: A suitable kayak & paddle, buoyancy aid, map of the area you are allowed to explore & a waterproof bag for important belongings



Where can I go and what happens on my return?

You are free to explore anywhere within the river however please keep in mind that you are not the only ones using it! Try to stay out of the way of other river users and especially the Ferries – the best thing is to keep to the sides of the river where the water is shallow. Here you’ll find plenty of room for kayaks and the currents are less strong, making progress a lot easier! 

Please do not venture anywhere beyond the end of the river, it can be very dangerous for in-experienced kayakers as you will be affected by the strong Solent currents. 


Furthermore, you will invalidate our insurance; meaning you would not be covered financially should you cause any damage to third party property.

On your return to the Quay one of our Staff will meet you and help you disembark at the public slipway (where you set off). You will then have time and an area to dry off (if you got wet!) and change back in to your regular clothes. It’s really important to get back to the Quay on time! If you don’t you will delay people using the kayaks next and this may result in you being charged for overtime. It will take approx. 30 mins for a teenager/adult to paddle from the red line back to the Quay so please take this in to account if you venture this far.


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